A small formality

Alessia Gazzola
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Rachele knows what is fashionable and what is not, and she has always been a great expert on the trends of the moment to the point that she has made it her job: in the most fun-filled Milan, between an aperitif with friends at the last open club and a private event, she writes about lifestyle in the well-known Chic&Glam magazine. So if she knows nothing about inheritance, notarial deeds and related legal matters, she is amply justified. For example: why should she do as her father wants and give up outright the unusual property her uncle left her? It seems crazy to her, plus her journalist’s intuition suggests that there is something interesting in that legacy. Perhaps she is letting herself be influenced, but it may be that her uncle she does not even remember, since he was the black sheep of the family; it may be that her father refuses to even mention his name; it may be that the circumstances of his death do not seem crystal clear… but this whole story intrigues her, and not a little. Rachel then dusts off an old contact from her address book, a high school classmate who by a curious coincidence of fate became a notary public. The name Manfredi Malacarne is answered by a charming and tremendously available 30-year-old man–just when, by another curious coincidence of fate, the story with Alessio, the historical boyfriend, has reached a truly surprising turning point. As she attempts to unravel the mystery surrounding her inheritance and certain family secrets, Rachel will find herself realizing that the things she does not know about the world (and, more importantly, about herself) are actually many more and that it will be quite exciting to discover them all…