Constancy and good intentions

Alessia Gazzola
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Anything she would have thought, but not to be a paleopathologist after graduating from medical school. Not to live in Verona, so far from Messina, his home. Not to have a small dependent fighter, the funny Flora. Not to track down the aforementioned fighter’s father after several years, to find him as charming as when she first met him and to find him perfect with Flora. Not to still have feelings for said father. Not to boast a fair collection of embarrassing situations and experiences. Constance Macallé’s life can be said, in short, to be quite troubled. Yet the 30-year-old with unruly red hair and a coat too light for the northern winter can count on a few but very good aces up her sleeve to help her face life’s sfide day after day: her colleagues at the Institute of Paleopathology, her sister Antoinette, an innate ability to pick herself up after every fall, the knowledge that she can rely on her own strength, and the dogged determination of someone who can get by even with little. Because the important thing is to always have good intentions.

The new life that Constance has just begun to build may, however, be about to change once again. A job as a doctor is still at the top of his wish list, and Flora’s father Marco is still in the process of getting married. Constance will then be confronted with important decisions to make, hearts unwilling to listen to their brains, and a Milanese archaeological site that unearths an incredible mystery from the city’s medieval past. And especially with the possibility that, after all, those good intentions are just illusions.