The renegade

Valeria Usala
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Without a man beside her, a woman is nothing. Teresa always heard the echo of this phrase, like the wind in the storm, but she never believed it. She who is stillness and fire, anger and tenderness, has been fighting prejudice since she was born. Orphaned, she had no one to protect her from her own intelligence as well as her own beauty. An entire country disowns her, fearful of her independence, her words and her actions. Because after all, it is only these that make her different from other women.

Even starting a family with the man she loves has not silenced the bad tongues and gossip. No one believes that his fortune, derived from an emporium and tavern that he built and runs on his own strength, is the result of hard work and tenacity. But the rumors have always remained just rumors, even when the one who responds in kind is Maria, the village bruja, who wanders the streets aimlessly.

When everything changes, Teresa must defend what she has won and prove that she can do it on her own. That not to give up oneself means to be free. He wants to give that wind, full of fierce words, a new breath; but the prejudice is strong and firm, like a root anchored in the earth.

It has not been years since a debut was so enthusiastically received by the booksellers and booksellers who previewed it. Valeria Usala chose to give voice to a forgotten woman, a woman who decided to resist against everything and everyone. A young author breaks the silence shrouding a story that has much to tell. A story in which Sardinia is the protagonist through its nature, legends and contradictions. A story of courage and renunciation. A story of love and power. A story of rebirth and hope.

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