Life is not a race

Breaks are the key, the only key, to regaining energy and are also the way to hope to live well and long.

The Castle of Conspiracies

A murder with an obscure motive brings to light ancient secrets of the Este family. A new investigation for Leon Battista Alberti.

Gentle Water

Sesia Valley. Two glances cross at the gates of a hotelnestled in a lush forest. They belong to two women,Giulia and Anna, whose words are lost in the murmur ofthe river rushing past them.

Pain Doesn’t Exist

"My father's name is Achille and he doesn't talk to me": this story begins like this, with an interrupted dialogue between a father and a daughter. Achille was a charismatic father, with whom Ilaria as a girl shared passions, ideas about life and the world, but also fierce quarrels and great silences. Until, without a trigger or obvious fault, the silence swallowed all.

The Dream Master

Valentina Medici, a young commissioner of the Central Operations Service, is about to leave everything behind. The last investigation she directed woundedher, in body and soul, beyond repair. But just as she is about to hand back her badge, Europol contacts her to offer her an international assignment: to hunt down the woman who ruined her life and stop a dangerous network of criminals.

A schiovere

In these 101 Neapolitan voices Erri De Luca grafts culture and history of an entire city and its inhabitants. He does so freely, moving from one word to the next in a seemingly random manner − "a schiovere", as they say in Naples − in a daze-and yet everything holds together and becomes a tale...

The crystal necklace

The blown glass swells as it waits to take shape: it is almost like magic, and when the wonder is realized,
Juliet feels strong and safe. Her family members always make her feel out of place, they do not accept her
world made of creativity...

My daughter, philosophy. The strength of childhood and fatherhoodli

We associate philosophy with a disembodied form of knowledge, and thus forget that at the heart of philosophy, as Plato teaches, is not the mere love of knowledge, but the "desire for procreation and birth in the beautiful both according to the body and according to the soul."

Great wonder

Elba is named after a northern river: her mother chose it. They used to live together, in a place she calls the half-world and which is actually an asylum. Then her mother disappeared and all she was left to do was to grow up, compiling her Diary of Mental Illness...

Vitória Velluno and the class of mysteries

Vitória Velluno clutches her emotionalist in her hands and stares at the entrance to the Schuman School. On that big
red notebook jots down all the feelings going through her mind. Now, for example, she is a bit agitated
Because it is the first day of the new year.

A small formality

Rachele knows what is fashionable and what is not, and she has always been a great expert on current trends to the point that she has made it her job: in the most fun-filled Milan, between cocktails with friends at the last open club and a private event, she writes about lifestyle

Pure gold

Palos, Spain, August 1492. Nuno is 16 years old, and he is a crab. Or at least that is the nickname given to him by his mother, who died a few months earlier and of whom Nuño retains a memory that is both pain and light. Although living by the sea, Nuño never wished to plough it...

The notebook thief

Tora and Piccilli (north of Caserta), September 1942. David spends his days, sometimes even the night, with the pigs he guards: he knows them so well that he calls them by name. He limps from birth, and for this he is mocked by peers and mistreated by his father.

The first sun of summer

It is a cold home, the one in which Norma grows up, in which parents do not separate for quiet living and hugs can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Perhaps that is why, when Norma is away from her family, everything seems more beautiful to her. Like summers spent at the grandparents', in Starry...

Come you, day, into the night

A suicide bomber detonates himself at a club in Tel Aviv. A young man dies in the massacre, his name is Ariel Anav, he is Italian and wears the uniform of the Israeli army. Upon arrival at Ben Gurion Airport, the parents, Micòl and Daniel, are told that to get their son's body back...

Shanghai rules

She is a young gypsy woman on the run from her family to escape an arranged marriage to an older man; he is a watchmaker who is camping on the border and welcomes her into his tent. The meeting ushers in an understanding made up of nightly dialogues about men and life...

Moving the moon out of orbit

In the last week of May, at a store in Paris specializing in mountaineering supplies, Andrea Marcolongo bought a camp bed, a sleeping bag and a flashlight. The next evening he opened his camp bed and spread his sleeping bag not on the top of a mountain peak....

The other bet

The wager of Blaise Pascal, whose 400th birth anniversary falls in June 2023, was about God. Man is a tragic, hopeless being," argued the pessimist Pascal, "so it is better to bet on the existence of God: nothing is lost and...

The face of evil

"Why did he do that?" We often wonder this in the face of particularly vicious crimes, especially when they are unmotivated and therefore appear even more incomprehensible to us. Instinct leads us to believe that evil is the result of madness or a murderous rapture, because this thought...


The hand that drops the apple from a tree is the same hand that moves celestial gears: gravity. This one of
Newton is one of the great insights that changed the way we read the universe. Then there are
more arrived. Two hundred years later

The secret papers of the Serenissima

Venice, June 1753. On the evening of his birthday, after a few too many drinks, Dr. Augusto Florian, a former doctor in the service of the Inquisition, finds the body of a dying man and catches a glimpse of his killer on the run. After unsuccessfully trying to save the unfortunate...

Summer still burns

Carlotta is a 13-year-old girl like any other, a normal family, a normal house overlooking the bitter fields of Salento. Emma is a little older and her biography is at opposites: half-Irish origins, musician parents, a psychedelic mansion with no rules.

The malnata

A teenage outcast, and a peer who gets to know her for real, beyond prejudice. And that thanks to her she finds the courage to make her voice, her truth, heard. An engaging coming-of-age novel set against the backdrop of a Po Valley province oppressed by the control, sexism and violence of the Ventennio.


He was born with a birthmark under his left eye, like a pale fruit embedded in his skin-Uvaspina soon became accustomed to being called by the name that identifies him with his spot. To almost everything, after all, he is able to get used to: to his father, the notary Pasquale Riccio, who...

The beautiful confusion

The history of cinema is not so different from life: seemingly linear, but studded with chance encounters, chased or missed appointments, last-minute decisions and unpredictable coincidences. Crucial fatalities that allow a work to come to light...

The fifth seal

Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance, is bathed in blood Florence, 1439. During the sensitive ecumenical council, a disturbing event threatens to create further dangerous tensions between the Latin and Greek churches: a Greek delegate, barely 20 years old, plummets from the dome...

A thousand days you don’t come

Erase the past, start from scratch after changing oneself. But is there really a second chance? A portrait of a character chasing himself through a labyrinth from which it is possible to get out, only to find himself back where he started.

Smoke over the city

Alessandro Leogrande, rather than providing answers, tries to recount the many shards that generated the most serious ecological and industrial crisis in Italy's memory, giving us one of his most intense reportages.

Constancy is an exception

From the creator of The Pupil a sweeping new adventure for Constance Macallé and a mystery to solve dating back to late 17th-century Venice.

A night in yellow

Crime and intrigue to be solved in the dark of night, eight stories blacker than ever.

The renegade

Without a man beside her, a woman is nothing. Teresa always heard the echo of this phrase, like the wind in the storm, but she never believed it. She who is stillness and fire, anger and tenderness, has been fighting against prejudice since she was born...

The food that will save us

There is a food that is both kind to the body and to the planet. It is an intelligent food, suitable for the Anthropocene, the era in which we live and where humans are the ones who influence the events of nature. The food that will save us, the new book by Eliana Liotta, demonstrates...

Evil lives. Stories of smuggling and multinational corporations

The genesis, rise and fall of a business that seems to have disappeared but instead is still very active today: cigarette smuggling. Through what was once considered one of the most classic occupations of the underclass, Leogrande investigates the transformation...

A tea party at Chaverton House

An old English mansion where anything can happen.

My name is Angelica and this is the list of things I had imagined for myself: a faithful boyfriend, a nice little terrace, parents without high expectations. Too bad none came true.

Storm mother

At St. Sophia Institute, Jacopo is the only boy in the class, and at eight years old his relationship with women is already complicated. Beginning with the one with his mother, who makes him memorize verses from Majakovsky, put out cigarette butts in the dishes, and devoured

Muse and throw

In this astonishing collection, many of Italy's most beloved and esteemed female writers recount as many "muses": shameless and beautiful women or, conversely, meek and reserved ones who, for the space of a night or for their entire existence, have forged complex (and dangerous) relationships...

Romeo & Juliet

At the tip of a pencil, Lorenzo Mattotti interprets the story of the two young people who have embodied the very essence of love for centuries, choosing not to recount its tragedy in order to imagine their gestures, jokes and expressions and offer the lovers a happy ending.

The guardians of the lagoon

Venice, 1753. During carnival Marco Leon, a secret agent of the State Inquisition, investigates a double murder that occurred in the Sant'Angelo Theater during a performance of Goldoni's Locandiera. The two victims, a young patrician and a company actor, are...

The second floor

Ritanna Armeni, with her usual rigorous and profound enthusiasm, traverses a crucial passage in our History and gives substance to an exemplary story about courage and sisterhood, strength and creativity, joy, fear, resistance.

Mr. Spartacus

The protagonist of this poetic and hallucinatory comic strip, with the evocative name Spartacus, is a kind of futurist scientist of the early twentieth century, an elegant, quiet, and somewhat shy man who leaves one day by train to visit his aunt. Soon he falls asleep and begins...

Constancy and good intentions

Anything she would have thought, but not to be a paleopathologist after graduating from medical school. Not to live in Verona, so far from Messina, his home. Not to have a small dependent fighter, the funny Flora. Not to track down the father of the said fighter after several years, to find him...

The lesson of Aeneas

If in times of peace and prosperity we ask Homer to teach us about life, at every upheaval of History we should lay down the Iliad and Odyssey and hasten to take up the Aeneid again. Andrea Marcolongo lets us discover the true essence of Aeneas. The hero who...

The house on the embankment

The Casadio family has always lived in the village of Stellata, at the crossroads of Lombardy, Emilia and Veneto. Simple, straightforward, hardworking people. Then, in the early 1800s, something changes: Giacomo Casadio falls in love with Viollca Toska, a gypsy woman, and marries her. From then on, the descendants of the family split into two strains: the dreamers...

Nature’s revolt

Extreme heat, hurricanes, torrential rains, wildfires, aggressive new viruses like the one that scarred the entire world in 2020. Nature began to rebel. And we are running out of time: man's impact on our planet now carries an unsustainable burden. Many infectious diseases...

The child is the teacher

Who was Maria Montessori really? Linked to his name is the method that revolutionized pedagogy,
putting the child at the center of the educational process and respecting the child's self and the times with which he or she builds.
A revolution that could only be accomplished...

Everything will be fine

Today the fear has a new name: Covid-19. To defeat it, the only way is to stay at home. Between the four walls that have always protected us and now, however, have become impassable boundaries. They have become almost an enemy. Instead, day after day, those who have always worked...

Mara. A woman of the twentieth century

Mara was born in 1920 and was 13 years old when this story begins. He lives near off Torre Argentina. Father is a shopkeeper, mother a housewife. She has a best friend, Nadia, a staunch fascist, who takes her to hear the Duce in Piazza Venezia. She likes to read and when she grows up...

The portrait

Valeria Costas, a globally acclaimed and translated writer, has dedicated her life to her books and to her great love, the well-known entrepreneur Martín Aclà. She lives alone in Paris, while Martín lives in London with his wife and children-the two have been lovers for more than twenty-five years, and no one knows about them.

I will fall, dreaming of flying

You know when the radio plays the song you always listened to in high school, and you imagined yourself in the future, free and happy to do whatever you wanted--well, if hearing it makes your heart clench and you eventually have to change the station, it means that in that future something didn't go the way you dreamed.

At the source of the words

99 words to reclaim the world.

99 words to find a voice that otherwise is in danger of becoming too feeble and lost amid the haste and sloppiness of this new century of ours.

Tales of Darkness

Who doesn't know fear? Every era has its nightmares, but every nightmare-for those who live it-is the most frightening of all. Terror stories are whispered in the dark, where imagination reigns unquestioned with all its mysteries. For this, Fabio Genovesi stepped into the period...

Matter of Constancy

Verona is not my city. And paleopathology is not my business.

Yet, here I am. How could this happen, to me of all people?

My name is Costanza Macallè and on the plane that is taking me from Sicily to the city in Veneto where my sister, Antonietta, already lives, I am not traveling alone.

The famous bear invasion in Sicily. The novel of the film

When his only son Tonio is captured by hunters, Leontius, the bear king, rallies his people and descends from the mountains to find him. With the help of a strange magician, Professor De Ambrosiis, he defeats the army of the Grand Duke, a cruel tyrant, and faces

The fatuous zone

In an undefined landscape, dominated by a leaden sky that hangs over a windswept meadow, two small rubber puppets greet the story's protagonist, a man whose face is marked by a red blotch that sometimes blazes, burning his skin. A brand of.

The children’s train

Sometimes we have to give up everything, even a mother's love, to discover our destiny. No novel had ever told it with such dogged candor.

The Italian publishing case of the last Fair of...

Anatomy of a siege

The maxim of every self-respecting authoritarian regime seems to resound, thunderously, in our democratic and free Western societies today. We are increasingly afraid: an ancient, deep fear that besieges us in our homes, in the streets of our cities, in every...

Rolando of the graveyard

Rolando lives in the cemetery, together with his uncle who is a caretaker. He leaves only to go to school, where his classmates avoid him, and he has no friends except a blackbird named Cip. When cousins Marika and Mirko Gini appear among the gravestones one day, Rolando finds two friends from his...

Lena and the storm

It is said that each of us, in the course of our lives, accumulates an average of thirteen secrets. Of these, five are truly unmentionable.

All first on the finish line of my heart

For thousands of miles, by car, on foot, on ferries, buses and cable cars, a caravan full of color tries to keep up with the furious pace set by the cyclists who in three weeks tour all of Italy, from the Amalfi coast to the rugged contours of Vajont....

Letter from a distant time

e short stories told through the visions of Lorenzo Mattotti and the crystalline texts of Lilia Ambrosi and Gabriella Giandelli. Six unusual 'letters' sent from an alienating dimension in which people reflect on life and relationships, ultimately questioning the meaning of being...

I steal your life

Stolen lives. Like that of Miriam, the wife of a Muslim Turk who in 1936 decides to replace the Jewish merchant she is in business with, forcing her too to change her name and religion. Stealing Judith's life in 1938 were the racial laws: kicked out of the...

Le ossa della principessa

Welcome to the great Sanctuary of Humiliations. That is, the institute of forensic medicine where Alice Allevi does everything to ruin her career as a specialist. If it is true that unrequited love is the most heartbreaking, Alice's love for forensic medicine beats them...


First published in 1999 in Einaudi's Stile Libero series and adapted for film by Spanish director Adán Aliaga in 2010 under the title Estigmas, Stigmate is now being republished by #logosedizioni as the second stage of an editorial journey that repurposes...

The man at the window

he first graphic novel by Lorenzo Mattotti is today republished by #logosedizioni as the start of an editorial journey that repurposes in a new guise the artistic evolution of the most beloved of Italian illustrators. A novel made of words and black-and-white images that appear evanescent and evocative, creating spaces to be filled. The protagonist of the story is a sculptor with eyes ...

A woman can do anything

They called them witches of the night. In 1941, a group of Soviet girls managed to win a leading role in the battle against the Third Reich. Rejecting all male presence, on fragile but agile biplanes, they show the boldness, the courage of a war that can also have the face of women.

We will make forest

The enchanting story of two women who overcame fear and pain by cultivating an urban forest together. A universal recipe for when life feels sterile. A botanical account of proximity and care...


Everything has changed for Alice Allevi: it is a new world that awaits her outside the Institute of Forensic Medicine where she spent complicated but, in their own way, happy years. In fact, Alice is no longer a resident, but a full-fledged Forensic Medicine Specialist. And the bright (maybe) and...

The sea where you don’t touch

The Sea Where You Don't Touch is read in one breath and remains forever in the heart, along with the unique voice of the narrator, a boy with a head full of questions and a heart overflowing with stories. Fabio is six years old, two parents, and nine grandparents. Nine, because he is the only child in the family ...

The frontier

There is an imaginary yet very real line, a wound that is not closed, a place of everyone and no one of which everyone, invisibly, is a part: it is the frontier that separates and at the same time unites the North of the world, democratic, liberal and civilized, and the South, poor, war-bitten, backward and...

The rediscovered agenda

lena Janeczek, Carlo Lucarelli, Vanni Santoni, Alessandro Leogrande, Diego De Silva, Gioacchino Criaco and Evelina Santangelo. Seven authors, each with his or her own history, sensibility and voice, re-enact with as many unpublished stories, written especially for...

I saw a man in pieces

Seven small explosions, seven pieces of one woman's life, seven stories. The protagonist of these stories is named Irene. We know about her that she always feels naked in front of people's gazes, that she has a body that looks perfect but is ashamed of it, gorgeous legs on which...


In a fantasy world populated by imaginary and wondrous creatures, Hippolytes-the shaman's son-sets out in search of his wife Ladybug, who has been missing now for seven days from the Ghir village. He does not yet know that his journey will be much longer and more treacherous than he can...

Men and corporals

The South, and particularly Capitanata, has for several years become a destination for tens of thousands of immigrants who flock there for the tomato harvest season. Harvesting the "red gold" is extremely hard work that breaks backs and arms, but it is paid very little. They are workers framed in...

The pupil

Alice Allevi is a young forensic medicine resident. She still has a lot to learn and knows that she is a bit absent-minded, often careless. But of one thing she is sure: she loves her work. Although the institution in which he performs it is a veritable sanctuary of humiliation. And although his...